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With its advanced lenses and high-performance sensors, ColorVu cameras are able to capture the highest quality full colour images, even in very low-light conditions. Now Hikvision is offering UK & Ireland VASP companies the chance to win some outstanding prizes simply by purchasing ColorVu cameras for their projects.

The concept is simple: every completed ColorVu camera purchase through an authorised Hikvision distributor or wholesaler during the promotion period, from August 7 to October 31, 2020, earns points. At the end of the promotion period Hikvision will calculate the points you’ve accrued and get in touch to let you know the prizes you can claim. That’s it.

VASP companies can allocate their points towards any combination of prizes that take their fancy. Nice.

Here’s a breakdown of the points on offer.


At the end of the promotional period, Hikvision UK & Ireland will contact all VASPs to confirm their total points collected. The VASP company can exchange their points for the prizes below. Hikvision will organise shipment. Easy.




DS-D5A55RB/B 55” 4K Interactive Display


A 55-inch interactive display, boasting UHD 4K resolution and running Android 8.0, it offers 10 points infrared touch control and industrial screen protection. Wirelessly and easily project from laptops, tablets, and mobile phones.


Points = 1700


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DS-D6055FN-B 55” Wall-mounted Digital Signage


Massive 55-inch digital signage with 1080P resolution, ultra-thin bezel design, 450cd/ m², running Android 6.0.1. It supports Hikvision’s Density Control and Temperature Screening solutions.


Points = 1200


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DS-D5043UC 43” 4K Monitor


A 43-inch monitor with UHD 4K resolution designed for 24/7 operation, it offers multiple inputs including HDMI, VGA, RJ45 and USB. Viewing angles are very wide at 178°/178°, and VESA mounting is supported.


Points = 700


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DS-2CD2T86G2-ISU/SL White Light & Audio alarm camera


Powered by DarkFighter technology for low-light performance, this camera provides 4K resolution images and can generate built-in white light alarms for active intruder deterrence. It also includes a built-in microphone and speaker for two-way audio functionality.


Points = 250


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DS-2CD2347G1-L (4mm) 4MP IP ColorVu Turret camera


This IP ColorVu turret camera provides day and night full colour images at 4 megapixels and is an ideal addition to any networked camera project.


Points = 150


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DS-2CE72HFT-F28(2.8mm) 5MP Turbo HD ColorVu Turret camera


This Turbo ColorVu turret camera provides 24/7 full colour pictures at 5MP resolution and offers 4-in-1 video output as well as IP67-rated protection.


Points = 60


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Qualifying Hikvision ColorVu camera models

These are the camera models for which completed purchase will earn credits during the promotional period.

IP ColorVu cameras: DS-2CD2027G1-L, DS-2CD2047G1-L, DS-2CD2327G1-L(U), DS-2CD2347G1-L(U), DS-2CD2T27G1-L, DS-2CD2T47G1-L

Turbo ColorVu Cameras: DS-2CE10HFT-F(28), DS-2CE72HFT-F(28), DS-2CE12HFT-F(28), DS-2CE10DFT-F(28), DS-2CE72DFT-F(28), DS-2CE12DFT-F(28), DS-2CE12DFT-PIRXOF, DS-2CE72DFT-PIRXOF