HikCentral Professional

  • Verify key parameters of video/Add tag during live view / Self-adaptive Window Division/ Auto-Switch of cameras/ Fisheye Camera De-warping

  • Manageable Resources
  • Client Numbers200
  • Camera Channels100000
  • Person Numbers50000
  • Managed Device IP AddressCentralized Deployment: 1,024 Distributed Deployment: 2,048
  • Doors512
  • Alarm Input3,000
  • Alarm Output3,000
  • Security Control Devices16
  • Security Radars10
  • Alarm Inputs of Security Control Devices2,048
  • Areas3,000
  • Recording Schedule10,000
  • Event and Alarm RulesCentralized Deployment: 3,000 Distributed Deployment: 10,000 Central System (RSM): 10,000
  • Events or Alarms Sent to Clients120/s 100 Clients/s
  • Persons with Credentials for Access Control50,000
  • Persons with Profiles for Face Comparison1,000,000
  • Visitors10,000
  • Cards250,000
  • Fingerprint200,000
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