Effectively monitoring large areas such as public plazas, arenas, stadiums, parking lots, and busy traffic intersections poses various challenges. For large coverage areas, security personnel need to see more with just one camera — not just a panoramic image, but zoomed-in, detailed views as well.

Traditionally, coverage for 360-degree panoramic video application required the installation of four cameras or a fisheye camera. Now, one Hikvision PanoVu flexible camera can replace four standard cameras. In addition, it provides ease of installation and costs savings using a single mounting with one Ethernet cable.


Hikvision’s PanoVu panoramic multi-sensor cameras are easy to install, require a single installation using one Ethernet cable, and can provide coverage equal to four standard cameras.


Cameras are available in several options, including 180-degree or 360-degree fields of view in 8 MP, 16MP or 32 MP resolution choices, and in flexible, mini, and dual-directional series.

Panoramic Stitched 180°/360° Series


  • Features four sensors running high frame rate
  • Full 180-degree view stitched together
  • Up to 32 MP resolution, popular uses are parking lots, entrances, or other “no dead zone” applications 40x optical zoom PTZ for large PanoVu



Flexible Series


  • Four individual sensors with a motorized 2.8 mm - 12 mm auto focus lens
  • Track design that allows four individual sensor gimbals to be independently placed Popular uses include hallway intersections, providing a 270-degree view at a building corner, or any application that requires 360-degree coverage
  • Recess mount and smaller form factor are available



PanoVu Mini


  • Three sensors running high frame rate and one PTZ for detailed views Compact sizes and budget-friendly pricing
  • Suitable for retail, office, and school applications



Dual-Directional Series IR


  • Dual-lens design to capture two separate wide angle views
  • Suitable for hallways, parking lots, corner, and retail applications




With an all-in-one design, a single product enables front-end splicing, panoramic views, and precise details. Moreover, it delivers both panorama and every detail through full shot (180-degree or 360-degree) and close-up views (no additional server needed).


Our easy-to-install dome camera saves time using one cable and a power supply. Characterized by flexibility and ease of operation, it provides a full range of options in the user interface such as ultra-high resolution panoramic views. It also captures the details dynamically in real-time and zoom in by simply clicking on.

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