Join Director of Cybersecurity, Fred Streefland, from 10am - 3pm as he discusses cybersecurity within the security industry. 


We will be visiting:

  • Hikvision's London office - October 13th 2021
  • Hikvision's Manchester office - October 15th 2021


Simply register your place in the most convenient location for you and join us for a free lunch and in depth course on cybersecurity.

Once you have completed the training course and passed a short exam, you will receive a Hikvision Cybersecurity Awareness Course certificate.

As a thank you for attending,  you will automatically be entered for a chance to win 1 of 3 Hikvision Goodie Bags!


Introduction to Cybersecurity

This section explains the terms cybersecurity and computer hacking. It also provides an introduction to software vulnerabilities within the security industry. This topic forms the foundation and sets the scene for the rest of the course.

Product Cybersecurity

This section explains product cybersecurity and decribes how ‘Secure-by-Design’ can be implemented in the production process of a security camera. This topic leverages the cybersecurity built-in capabilities of a Hikvision product.


This section explains the term ‘computer vulnerabilities’. This topic discusses what are vulnerabilities, how are vulnerabilities found and how are vulnerabilities made public. It also shows the importance of good vulnerability management in today’s security world.

How to hack a security camera?

In this section, a well-known ethical hacker shows how to hack an IP camera. This topic describes the configuration and software vulnerabilities of a camera and how to exploit these. During this section tips will be provided how to prevent these computer penetrations.

Privacy & Compliance

This section provides an overview of the current privacy legislation (GDPR), which is applicable to the security industry. It shows the different privacy responsibilities for the customer/end-user, installer and manufacturer of security cameras and provide guidance how to deal with privacy in certain use cases.

Security in Practice

This section shows how the previous lectures can be implemented in practice. This topic shows the cybersecurity risks towards a security camera and which security settings are build-in into the products that can be applied to counter the cybersecurity risks.

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