PTZ Dome Cameras provide monitoring for large areas and zoom in to reveal details when needed. With pan-tilt-zoom ability, users are able to position the camera to different angles with a mouse via Internet control. The embedded DarkFighter technology allows the cameras to operate even in dim environments, making round-the-clock security possible. Even better, with deep learning algorithms, the cameras are smart enough to conduct false alarm reduction and let security staff focus on what really matters.

  • PTZ Turbo HD Series
    Turbo HD PTZ Cameras capture high-quality images even in poorly lit environments. With the embedded CMOS chip, both wide dynamic range (WDR) and real-time 1920 x 1080p resolution become possible.
  • PTZ Pro Series
    The Pro Series Cameras are equipped with “powered by DarkFighter” technology, making low-light monitoring an easy task. With abundant options for various camera sizes and amazing zoom capability, Pro Series cameras provide the ideal solution for hundreds of scenarios.
  • PTZ Ultra Series
    The Ultra Series Cameras are the professional’s choice for many complicated scenarios. Equipped with superb imaging ability and backed by up to 50x zoom ratio and the patented DarkFighterX technology, as well as intelligent functions like smart tracking and false alarm reduction, Ultra Series cameras provide comprehensive assistance to customers.
  • PTZ Positioning Series
    These robust cameras safeguard perimeters from above, providing a comprehensive overview with great detail.