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Hikvision Authorisation Verification System

April 2019
To Our Valued Customers,


In order to protect all Hikvision customers’ benefit and ensure you receive the best support, Hikvision has established the HIKVISION Selective Distribution Programme (hereinafter referred as “HIKVISION SDP”). The programme ensures only Hikvision Authorised Distributors and Hikvision Authorised Wholesalers are HIKVISION branded products official suppliers.

Currently all Hikvision Authorised Wholesalers who are part of the HIKVISION SDP are provided a unique code as our “Authorised Partner ID” in the format of “HIKXXXXXXXX” (HIK + 8-digit numbers). The Authorised Partner ID can be verified at this link.

Before the purchase of any HIKVISION branded products, we recommend all our Installers and System Integrators to contact the supplier for their Authorised Partner ID and verify the supplier is a Hikvision Authorised Distributor or Hikvision Authorised Wholesaler of HIKVISION branded products. This will help ensure the purchased HIKVISION products are distributed through official authorised suppliers.

If you are a consumer who have had Hikvision products fitted and installed by a professional installer, we highly recommend you to check with your installer to ensure they have purchased HIKVISION branded products through official authorised suppliers. 

Please kindly note that Hikvision UK will not provide technical support and/or any service free of charge to any purchases made through unauthorised channels.

For more details about HIKVISION SDP, please refer to Hikvision Selective Distribution Programme