Hikvision Security Flaws Handling Procedure

Hikvision Security Flaws Handling Procedure

SN No. : HSRC-201403-01

Published by : HSRC (Hikvision Güvenlik Yanıt merkezi):

Published at : 2014-03-11


1. Hikvision, ürünlerinin ve çözümlerinin siber güvenliğine en üst seviyede önem verir. Bildirilen tüm sorunları takip edecek, analiz edecek ve zamanında geri bildirim sağlayacak özel olarak atanmış bir kişinin bulunacağını taahhüt ederiz.

2. Hikvision supports responsible flaw disclosure and handling. We promise that to protect the interests of our customers, those who help us to improve the information security will be appreciated and rewarded.

3. Hikvision objects and condemns all actions that exploit the security flaw to damage the customer interests, including but not limited to the stolen of user private information or virtual property, unauthorized system access and system data getting, and malicious spreading the security flaw and data..

4. Hikvision believes that the processing of each security flaw and the progress of the whole security industry must be joint efforts of every party. Hikvision hopes that we can strengthen the cooperation with other enterprises in the industry, the security company and security researcher to maintain the information security of the surveillance industry.

Thank you for your concerns on Hikvision and our products.

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