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Loss prevention and efficient operations are the two main concerns at any logistics parks.


Hikvision offers  an all-encompassing solution that focuses on four critical components. This solution not only improves safety with its top-notch security solution, but also helps improve operational efficiency through adapting Artificial Intelligence-powered functionality. All together, Hikvision’s solution aims to build a more secured and more intelligent logistics park. 

Personnel management

PPE Detection

Hikvision’s intelligent cameras automatically notify relevant personnel if a worker is not wearing a hard hat and VIS clothes when entering the fulfillment center.

Entrance and Exit Control

Hikvision’s MinMoe face recognition terminals make workers’ access authentication accurate, efficient, hygienic, and hard to counterfeit.

Vehicle management

Site management

Goods management

Command center


Intuitive and Comprehensive Dashboard 

With the 3D image of your logistics park at the center of the dashboard, you will see all operational data and activity in one place. Whether you’re looking for statistics on operations, security, or employee performance, this dashboard has it all! 




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