Detection Range Table
  •  The table is only for reference, the performance may vary from camera to camera.

Smart Functions Range

Different targets trigger the VCA events within different range limits.


VCA Range

(Vehicles: 1.4×4.0m)

VCA Range (Humans: 1.8×0.5m) Temperature Measurement (Object:2×2 m) Temperature measurement (Object:1×1 m) Fire Detection (Objecztive:2x2m) Fire Detection (Objective: 1x1m)
100 m 100 m 100 m 100 m 180m 90m


Wide Range Coverage

There is range limit for detecting, recognizing, and identifying human/vehicle targets.


Detection Range

(Vehicles: 1.4×4.0m)

Detection Range (Humans: 1.8×0.5m) Recognition Range (Vehicles: 1.4×4.0m) Recognition Range (Humans: 1.8×0.5m) Identification Range (Vehicles: 1.4×4.0m) Identification Range (Humans: 1.8×0.5m)
100 m 100 m 100 m 100 m 180m 90m



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