Various Redundancies for Enhanced Reliability
April 26,2012

In shaping the present and future of video surveillance, storage devices like DVRs and NVRs play a prominent role in any overall security system. Obviously, both are used to store large amounts of data and video; hence if a crash occurs – or either experiences disk / power failure – there are potentially huge negative consequences. This is why, at Hikvision, we place a tremendous amount of emphasis on the overall system reliability of both our DVR and NVR components.

Additionally, Hikvision's R&D team continues to devote ourselves on the development of high quality customer-oriented products. A prime example of this Hikvision effort is our new Netra platform based DVRs and NVRs – providing state-of-the-art redundancy to enhance overall system reliability.

Our Netra platform offers both a primary operating system and a backup. In the event of a main system crash, the back-up system is automatically activated, allowing the DVR to continue recording.

Another feature is our RAID disk array technology. This feature protects data security and enhances storage capability by employing RAID 0, 1, 5, 10 disk management across 16 hard drives. Additionally, dual power capability also improves system reliability and ensures seamless video recording.

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