HikCentral Professional V1.4.2


Get the leading Video Management Surveillance system and experience all the benefits of a great central management system. There are two versions of the software: free version and full version. Functions in the free version are limited. If you wish to be provided with complete functions of the software, please purchase the license so that the free version can be activated to the full version. For the details of function differences between the free version and full version, please refer to document Comparison (Free & Full) below.

  • Installation & Activation
      • 1. How to realize centralized deployment 
      • 2. How to realize distributed deployment 
      • 3. How to install Streaming Service 
      • 4. How to install pStor 
  • Video Surveillance Module Part I
      • 5. How to add device & live view 
      • 6 How to set recording & playback 
      • 7 How to manage Dock Station 
      • 8 How to manage event & alarm 
  • Video Surveillance Module Part II
      • 9 How to manage smart wall (graphic card) 
      • 10 How to Manage Smart Wall (decoding device) 
      • 11 How to manage Heat Map & Route Analysis report 
      • 12 How to manage People Analysis report 
  • Video Surveillance Module Part III
      • 13 How to manage temperature report 
      • 14 How to manage security settings 
      • 15 How to manage system settings 
      • 16 How to manage face comparison with DeepinMind NVR 
      • 17 How to manage face comparison with Face Recognition Server 
  • Non-Video Modules
      • 18 How to manage wireless alarm hub 
      • 19 How to manage access control permission 
      • 20 How to manage access control result 
      • 21 How to manage ANPR 
      • 22 How to Manage UVSS 

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