Why is queue management needed


Today, there are more transactional and service-oriented businesses than ever before, and they are available to more people in more places than ever before. And that’s a great thing. But take an inside look at operating one and it’s easy to see the challenges of heavy market competition. So how can consumer-centered businesses attract and keep more customers than their competitors? 


One of the top priorities is to provide customers with high-quality service. For those venues that require customers to conduct business in-person, that means short wait times.

What does an AI-powered queue management system offer
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Queue management is the process of managing and optimizing queues to improve operational efficiency, wait times, and the overall customer or visitor experience. It’s difficult for venue owners and operators to quantify wait time data, and when there is no queue data, operators don’t know how to make improvements. But here’s a remedy – an intelligent, automated queue management system.  


1. Installed perpendicular to the queues, the camera identifies the number of persons with great accuracy.


2. Once a preset threshold, i.e. the number of persons or the wait times of each person in a queue, is exceeded, the camera triggers instant alarms.


3. The camera keeps collecting queuing data.

Advantages of Hikvision’s Queue Management Solution


Instant Notifications

When a threshold is exceeded, operators are immediately notified to implement strategies, e.g. increasing the number of cashiers in a supermarket.


Multi-Queue Coverage

One queue management camera monitors up to three detection areas at once, improving operational efficiency with limited investment.


Informative Reports

Extensive and helpful reports are easily generated to help users analyze precisely the operational status in specific hours or predict the trends.

Who it benefits







Supermarkets and retail stores of any kind will enjoy the great benefits of Hikvision’s cost-effective solution and a more intelligent, more effective system overall. It is also applicable in airports, museums, theaters, banks, exhibition halls, stadiums, and much, much more.

Applicable businesses
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