What's the challenge?

It is commonplace that students queue for a long line to enter the examination rooms. Manual verification of each student’s identity takes a lot of time and is inefficient for the management staff especially during large-scale examinations. 


Inefficient onsite management

Manual identity verification takes a lot of time of the management staff.



Proxy examinees 

Test -taking proxy destructs the fairness of exams.




Long queuing line

Students queue for a long time when checking in for exams.


What we offer

Our education solution ensures students’ quick access as one of the top concerns, also enhances the accuracy of students’ identity verification to detect possible proxy examinees, contributing to a fairer education environment for all students.



Higher Accuracy and Quicker Access


It is one of the top priorities to improve the accuracy of identity verification and contribute to quicker access so as to save students’ time.


  • Update info automatically based on exam site
    HikCentral Management Software
  • Quick pass one by one
    Face comparison with less than 1s verification time
  • Accurate Face comparison result display
    Accurate rate higher than 99%
Ease of use


Ease of Use


The management staff of the exams can check the identity verification results quickly via computers and the mobile App HikCentral. The straight-forward result display and automatic file management also lifts their efficiency.


  • Enhanced onsite management efficiency
    Straight-forward result display on PC and Mobile App
  • Automatic file management
    Quick information classification and intuitive display



Centralized Management


Data of multiple exam sites from different cities can be managed in one central station with small bandwidth requirement, supporting up to 150 million student registration and contributing to more centralized and efficient management.


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Check out the main benefits of our solution

  • Safe Campus

    Ensures students, parents, and administrators can enjoy a secured and serene learning environment.
  • Education Sharing

    Empower a better education with remote online classroom, and open course and course sharing.
  • Classroom Management

    Both teachers and students will enjoy new technologies empowering school management and teaching activities.

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