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Attendance Mode

Students' class attendance checks can be completed by swiping school ID card. Attendance and temperature data are displayed on-screen to provide comprehensive protection for every student during specified time periods.

Campus Information Publishing Mode

In campus information publishing mode, pictures and video about campus activities such as campus sports games are presented on the screen to highlight and record memorable moments for students.

Urgent Notification Mode

Urgent notifications will be displayed on the screen efficiently in this mode, so school administrators can send important updates to every class at once.

Normal Mode

In normal mode, users can decide the preface module layout of the main interface to show various kinds of functional modes and enhance the user experience.

Class Mode

Any class status change can be instantly presented on the classroom information release screen to help teachers, students and school administrators identify their curricula and conveniently arrange teaching activities.

Check out the main benefits of our solution

  • Safe Campus

    Ensures students, parents, and administrators can enjoy a secured and serene learning environment.
  • Education Sharing

    Empower a better education with remote online classroom, and open course and course sharing.

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