All-Channel Information Display


All-Channel Information Display

See it all, and all at once. The Smart Wall provides powerful management functions, including real-time video surveillance and visual alarm data. Flexible viewing modes simplifies any set of tasks on the wall.

Along with real-time video and alarm information, you can project your PC screen onto the Smart Wall. The all-channel information display simplifies management and allows your team to stay on top of everything that is happening.

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All-Channel Information Display

Alarm Management

A comprehensive alarm center module displays alarm lists, GIS information, and up 16 video streams of video surveillance simultaneously on-screen.


Alarm Escalation
Alarm escalation takes place when the primary operator does not respond. An unprocessed alarm will be forwarded and escalated to upper level management when the original operator ignores.


Alarm Response via Mobile App
Using the mobile app, authorized personnel can check video feeds and alarms any time, anywhere. The app enables remote inspection, so top management can review alarms from their mobile devices to get first-hand information for smart, nimble operations. 

All-Channel Information Display


Health Monitoring
Complex systems require regular status checks. Nevertheless, minor errors happen from time to time. With the health monitoring module, a security team no longer needs to check on device status one by one – every bit of information you need is on the dashboard, displayed in an intuitive and clear manner. Find and fix flagged devices using the error list, and manage multiple systems on a single, centralized dashboard.


Audit Trail
For security managers, it is important to not only receive alarms for errors, but also review the error log to ensure there’s no malicious attempts to sabotage the system. With the audit trail function, all logs are in one place. What’s more, filters help you to search for and find specific records quickly and accurately.

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