Hikvision Tools Manager

Hikvision Tools Manager

Descrierea software-ului:

Managerul de instrumente integrează diferite software-uri şi playere Hikvision, oferind un mod convenabil de a descărca, actualiza, utiliza şi gestiona software-uri. Este uşor să găsiţi linkurile instrumentelor şi documentelor actualizate oricând, oriunde.



Hikvision Lens Selection:

What’s New 

● Added intersection violation mode and checkpoint mode.

● Supports selecting one of the three modes (normal mode, intersection violation mode and checkpoint mode) when running the software.

● Supports adjusting horizontal field of view for vari-focal lens in 2D view.



Batch Configuration:

What’s New

1. Added filtering devices by device type. 

2. Added module upgrade for access control devices. 

3. Added applying APP packages to indoor stations. 

4. Supports adding access control devices and video intercom devices.

5. Supports batch configuring device parameters for access control devices. 

6. Supports batch configuring device parameters for video intercom devices.




What’s New

● Supports prompt about remaining attempts and locking time for failed password reset.



Hikvision Photo Cleaner:

Hikvision Photo Cleaner is a tool software used to analyze and convert the face pictures to meet the requirements of devices (DeepinMind NVR or facial recognition camera). Before the face pictures are imported to the face library or the face comparison group of the devices, the face picture format and picture name format can be converted to the required formats. The tool can help to improve the efficiency of processing unqualified pictures.



Hikvision MVA:

What’s New

● Supports searching alarms to view the alarm time, captured pictures and related videos.



Device Log Analyzer:

Device Log Analyzer is a software used to analyze system logs of access control device, turnstile, etc. Two analysis methods are supported: online analysis and offline analysis. For online analysis, the online device can be added to the software, and software can get the real-time system log of the device for analysis. For offline analysis, system log file of the device can be uploaded to the software for analysis. By analysis results, the technical supports can view the keywords of the issue and the keywords comments, which are helpful for troubleshooting and locating the issue quickly. Besides, you can also search the commands of the frequently issues.



VSPlayer (64-bit)

What’s New

● Supports playing high-resolution (1080p) video.


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