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As students spend the bulk of their day in school, campus security is of paramount importance to every administrator and every parent. In order to develop an effective security system, all the possible risks – including campus break-ins, theft, and other threats – must be fully considered. Hikvision, leading supplier of security technologies worldwide, offers a comprehensive On- and Off-Campus Security Solution covering school buses, gates, perimeters, buildings, and campus roads, with a wealth of security applications for vehicle, personnel, and alarm management. Continue reading to see how Hikvision can ensure students, parents, and administrators can enjoy a secured and serene learning environment on your campus.

Video-based security protection


School bus


Hikvision's school bus monitoring solution can locate and track vehicles via real-time GIS maps with HD video for instant monitoring and review. The video security system enjoys great stability and reliability at all times.  Parents and school administrators will receive immediate notification when students swiping card on bus. And upon potential emergencies, precautionary measures can be taken in a timely manner with effective detection.




Use Hikvision's AcuSense technology to accurately detect potential risks around school perimeter and enhance the overall security. Even in poor light environments like during nights, thermographic cameras can be used for effective intruder detection.


Public space


For large outdoor areas such as playground, the video security system provides simultaneously large scale panoramic monitoring and clear details when suspicious situations or strangers are found. 


Dining hall


Use the compact indoor mini PTZ camera for a panoramic view of the kitchen, paying extra attention to the sanitation of the kitchen and making sure all food related operation conforming to standards. And students and staff can rest and enjoy their food assured. 

Personnel management


One of the key elements of keeping a safe campus is to implement strict and yet flexible personnel management. Hikvision's MinMoe face recognition terminals can add another layer of protection with face, fingerprint, and card authentication methods to choose from. Only those with permission can enter campus areas such as class buildings, dormitories, and more, effectively prohibiting unregistered persons from entry.

Vehicle management

Anomaly Alarm

Entrance & exit management


Vehicle management is also of top priority for keeping students and staff safe on campus. Hikvision's flexible parking lot management system and radar-triggered capture cameras can be deployed at the school gates to provide quick egress for internal vehicles and manual operation for external vehicles. Flexible strategies can be set for different vehicle like school buses, parents' vehicles, temporary vehicles, and more.


Violation detection


Vehicle checkpoints can be deployed at arterial roads to detect and send out alarms for unregistered vehicles or driving violations, notifying security guards for response