Today, video security systems are increasingly important in business environments, such as those found in casinos, retail stores,railway stations, banks,financial institutions, cities,metropolitan areas, government institutions, hospitals, large corporations, petrochemical,utility companies, schools, colleges and universities. These organizations need robust and resilient video management software (VMS) to ensure that video is available for viewing, event identification and verification, multi-agency collaboration and investigation at all times. The VMS must ensure maximum system uptime for increased situational awareness and compliance.


iVMS-5200 is an intelligent Video Management System that offers an easy-to-use, highly reliable and feature-rich platform for security management, centralized video analytics, and open integration. By supporting a wide range of industry-leading CCTV equipment, iVMS-5200 easily adapts to the growing global demand for better and more robust security.

  • Complete surveillance and security solution

    Your software needs variation according to your industry, so Hikvision continually releases vertical add-on modules to iVMS-5200 Professional in order to develop a comprehensive vertical portfolio. As your requirements change with the scope of your business, the vertical, modularized design is capable of adjusting to your needs.

  • Full range of Smart functions

    Hikvision's iVMS-5200 Professional software supports Hikvision's full range of Smart functions including Smart search and playback, Smart detection and record backup, as well as and Smart applications like people counting, heat map and interactive map.

  • Open Integration Platform

    As an open platform, Hikvision iVMS-5200 Professional supports the access of standard protocol supporting cameras and encoders and only requires standard IT hardware for installation. Additionally, the SDK platform is available to third parties for integration.