What we offer

HikCentral Professional, Hikvision’s software for integrating security systems, is designed to meet a variety of security challenges in one intuitive platform. From managing individual systems such as video security, access control, security alarms, and more, to combining multiple systems under a unified architecture. While protecting people and property, it makes daily operations more efficient and helps users of all kinds make smarter decisions.

Key advantages

Versatile  applications cover a broad range of business needs 

Nine major applications to choose from, satisfying all kinds of common business scenarios


  • ANPR technology contributes to fluent vehicle movement
  • Easy-to-retrieve vehicle records by license plate fuzzy match or event filters
  • Visualized network and device topology and alarm notifications allows quick targeting of abnormal events, enhancing efficiency
  • Logs for event trackback and evidencing 
  • Digitalized visitor management reduces paperwork
  • Reliable visitor records query and report export 
  • Support registration in advance to prevent congestion
Security Alarm
Security Alarm
  • Personalized alarm rule setting, satisfying needs of complex scenarios
  • Visualized and quick alarm notification and targeting  
Access Control
Access Control
  • Different credentials will be granted for different roles, adding to security level 
  • Supports access by face recognition, ID cards, fingerprints, QR codes, etc.
  • Flexible attendance rule setting, shift scheduling and report export
  • High integration with third party software like salary calculation system
Intelligent Analysis
Intelligent Analysis

Powered by intelligent technologies, the data collected will be transformed and presented by easy-to-understood reports and dashboard, like flow status, people density, people attributes and more

  • Perfectly present views from various kinds of cameras
  • Network Adaptation technology automatically adjust video resolution, ensuring smooth view even in low bandwidth conditions
Digital Signage
Digital Signage
  • Eight pre-installed program templates are ready for use, saving time and money
  • Instant visualization of crowd numbers and temperature status while serving as a media player for a variety of advertisements 



A unified security system that enhances management operations


Built over a truly unified architecture, the software provides connected and interactive applications to enhance your operational efficiency – for example, an intrusion alarm and access control with video verification, or perhaps visitor control with pre-registration of vehicles, and much more. By tapping into multiple sub-systems, it extends users’ awareness and empowers them with optimized management approaches.



Personalize your own security system


  • Whatever your role, be it managers, decision makers, HR staff, receptionists, security, or maintenance staff, the software will help you get prepared with pre-set modes. What’s more, the software also allows you to customize your own system with the applications you need based on the scenarios you are in.
  • Moreover, users can create their own control panel based on their specific duties and routines, enhancing awareness and empowering them with custom, optimized management approaches.



Visualized systems, data, and maintenance


  • Data collected from various applications becomes easy to understand via dynamic reports and helpful, intuitive dashboards
  • Personalized management and operations dashboard displays the information you need most 
  • Interactive and intuitive e-map enables quick locating and handling of incidents



Easy to deploy and use


  • Minimum system requirements for HikCentral Professional: i3, 8 GB RAM 
  • Smooth system operation even in low bandwidth environments powered by network adaptation technology 
  • Operation guidance wizard
  • Easily integrates and empowers other Hikvision devices
More features
Quick positioning of events

Count frequently occurring events and provide video evidence, quickly targeting potential risks

Customizable storage solution

Variable, extensible storage solution based on circumstances and project conditions

Pre-installed Digital Signage templates

Eight pre-installed templates for content creation in a visualized way

Super-fast viewing experience

Smooth timeline scaling and quick locating of targeted video clips using mouse scroll wheel

Convenient personnel management

Supports advance, remote registration via mobile phones and granting permission instantly

Trustable security anywhere

Highly efficiently alarm notifications and double checking enhanced by video verification

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