Video Wall Controller Casing

  • A signal source can be displayed on the M × N (M ≥ 1, N ≥ 1) display units
  • Multiple signal sources are supported, including VGA, DVI, HDMI, SDI, YpbPr, DP, HDBaseT. Up to 3840 × 2160@30 Hz resolution is supported for HDMI, DP and HDBaseT signal inputs.
  • Distributed network signal sources configurable to raise the signal source capacity and transmission distance
  • Live view in the roaming window and live view list
  • Fluent video output without frame extraction to guarantee the lossless output of 60 frames
  • An enhanced network decoding board supports H.264 and H.265 compression standard and can display network signal of 2-ch@8.0 MP, 2-ch@6.0 MP, 2-ch@5.0 MP, 8-ch@1080p, 16-ch@720p and 32-ch@D1 and local video files
  • Auto sub-stream decoding if the output resolution of decoding window is lower than 640 × 640
  • Tile mode available and the video layers can be extended to 8 layers in tile mode
  • Supports 1/4/9/16 window division modes and full-screen switch of the window. (Unavailable for the LED mode)
  • The window can be kept sticking on top without being affected by the operations of other windows and kept open without being affected by the scene or plan configuration
  • Up to 6 image layers can be displayed on one screen, including one virtual LED image layer and a background layer
  • The LED background color is adjustable. The resolution of background layer is up to 8192 × 8192
  • The tile mode can be saved in the scene
  • Video wall mirror configurable to mirror the content of one video wall area to another area
  • Users have the permission to manage the signal sources and video wall.
  • Built-in matrix feature for opening a signal source on several windows simultaneously.
  • Matrix protocol of ZT1.0, ZT2.0, Extron, Creator and HIK_CVBS_96P supported and up to 4 matrixes with maximum 512 input channels of each matrix supported.
  • Supports crossing-window video roaming. (Unavailable for the tile mode)
  • Supports adjusting the output to match the virtual output of client software with real output of controller.
  • Up to 16 devices can be managed and up to 5 virtual video walls can be displayed by a client server.
  • Remote control via iOS client server, Android client server and IE browser.
  • Supports opening windows to display video signal, with the window position and size adjustable.
  • Supports SADP searching active IP address and resetting the password of administrator.
  • The fan speed of the chassis is self-adaptive to the temperature.
  • Supports both the LED screen mode with small pixel pitch and the normal screen mode.
  • Self-adaptive to the configured LED resolution.
  • Supports custom resolution access of DP, DVI and HDMI signal sources and characters overlap.
  • Device running status, sub-board status, and fan status can be checked.
  • Supports remote interaction
  • Compatible with wireless projection.
  • 4K outputs support joint display.
  • Scene switching for local signal sources can be done in seconds without black screens.
  • Image lossless collecting, transmitting and displaying without color cast, color bleed and word blur.

Available models:


  • Chassi
  • Slot da placa de serviço22 (12 × Input, 10 × Output)
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