Blazer Express

The Blazer Express is an intelligent video management station that comes preinstalled with a friendly operating system and outstanding iVMS software, with models supporting 16 or 32 network cameras. Featuring a high-speed SSD, PoE support, and included storage, and more importantly, with its revolutionary alarm management design, automatic number plate ecognition, and POS overlay support, Blazer Express is an efficient and easy one-stop solution for video surveillance implementation. Blazer Express powerfully handles applications from small retail stores to a complex surveillance installation with multiple sites.

Light Video Application

• ANPR function makes entrance & exit management and identification of VIP or black list vehicles quick and convenient

• Point-of-sale integration displays transaction data and video on the same screen for effective customer dispute resolution and post-event investigation

• Available VCAs:

  • People Counting – Convenient analysis of customer traffic for smarter business decisions

  • Heat Mapping – Powerful customer-flow tracking to improve sales

  • VCA Search – Rapid search tool to locate critical footage

Rich Video Management

• Related channels can be grouped by function for convenient live viewing

• Interactive live view map provides system awareness and easy visual identification of events

• Alarm information, real-time video, and physical location are all displayed on one screen

• One shared, intuitive interface for customers to manage Hikvision DVRs/NVRs and Blazer Express via the Blazer Express Client

• Multiple ways to efficiently search video footage: by tag, lock status, interval, time, alarm, and more

• Thumbnails are supported during playback for quicker positioning

• Customers can access Blazer Express via web client, control client, or mobile client anytime, anywhere

• System Health-Check function monitors service, storage, and camera running status, and provides assurance of system maintenance

Blazer Express

• Preinstalled operating system and pre-activated iVMS and PoE 

support – ready to plug & play

• Plug & Play with 8 or 16 PoE network interface

• Pluggable SSD design for convenient OS / iVMS maintenance

• Automatic device discovery for easy device addition

• All licenses for video, ANPR, people counting, and VCAs are included for use

• Simple, friendly user interface for easy basic operation and daily monitoring operation