Hikvision’s award-winning LED technology* is designed to deliver state-of-the-art video walls for all kinds of application with efficiency.
These attributes make them suitable for large, high-end commercial scenarios.


Use of rich color conjures lifelike effects, and, by filtering more than 90% of blue light, the video walls reduce eye strain.


All in all, they can truly brighten every moment, without causing headaches. They have built-in automatic dehumidification to extend lifespan.


*Hikvision won the Product Innovation Prize for Smart Interactive LED/LCD Displays in 2019 and the Brilliant Brand of 2018 High-Precision Seamless Splicing LEDs. It was also listed among ‘Ten of the Most Brilliant Brands’ in the splicing LED industry in 2019.

Dual Power Redundancy
  • Optional Dual power backup design ensures more stability and reliability.
Convenient Front Maintenance
  • All modules, power supplies and internal electronics/cables can be replaced from the front.
  • Improves installation and maintenance efficiency without complicated configuration.
Color Temperature
  • One-click switch of multiple ‘color temperature’ modes to adapt to various scene applications.
Automatic Dehumidification
  • One-click automatic dehumidification.
  • Solves screen moisture issues, broke light rate dropped by 30%.
Heat Dissipation for outdoor scenarios
  • Die-casting aluminium cabinet improves overall heat dissipation performance.
  • Dual fan design enhances heat dissipation and heat exchange.
  • Cooler air enters the cabinet through the air inlet due to negative pressure in the cabinet.
Signal Dual Backup
  • Two-way signal input design for LED screen backup by the LED controller.
  • If there’s a problem with one signal, the other input automatically kicks in to continue normal operation.
Image Enhancement
  • Improving image clarity without loss of detail.
  • Each detail is clearly identifiable.
Convenient Brightness Adjustment
  • Brightness can be easily adjusted by remote control to fit environment lighting.
Blue Light Filtering
  • Shielding blue radiation to protect eyes.
  • Reducing visual fatigue.
Waterproof Outdoor Cabinet
  • Protects front and rear to IP65 standard.
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