Full Analysis Server

  • Adopts full analysis to execute multiple algorithms, like facial, vehicle and video structuration for pictures or videos
  • High density GPU design with high computing capacity to manage large scale projects
  • Supports cluster deployment to meet balanced load, dynamic adding, and failover
  • Supports algorithm group to execute grouped management of multiple algorithms like facial, vehicle, and video structuralization
  • Supports intelligent analysis and application according to demands
  • Adopts dynamic switching among multiple algorithms to provide flexible scheduling

Available models:



  • Vehicle Analysis
  • Picture FormatJPG/JPEG, BMP, PNG, TIFF/TIF, Static GIF
  • Vehicle Picture RequirementVehicle resolution: larger than 256 × 256 pixels (recommended) License plate width: 60 to 300 pixels (recommended) Angle deviation: less than 30°(horizontal) and 15° to 30°(vertical)
  • Vehicle AttributeLicense plate number, license plate type, license plate color, vehicle color, vehicle type, vehicle main brand, vehicle direction; and the following behaviors: fasten safety belt or not, open the sunshield or not, use mobile phone or not, manned or unmanned (for tricycle), with or without an umbrella tent (for tricycle)
  • Analysis Performance of Vehicle Picture 6 million per day (2 MP) 3 million per day (7 MP)
  • Product Description
  • System VersionCentOS 7.6
  • Device TypeAll-in-one
  • Device VersionV3.3.0
  • Face Analysis
  • Facial Video Format720P to 8 MP, standard H.264/H.265 Resolution: 1920 × 1080; head and shoulders width: 40 to 300 pixels Angle deviation: less than 60°(horizontal) and 30°(vertical) The ratio of covered to overall area should be less than 40%
  • Video Frame Rate Requirement25 fps
  • Face Picture FormatJPG/JPEG, BMP, PNG, TIFF/TIF, Static GIF
  • Face Picture RequirementResolution: 106 × 126 to 16 MP (Picture size: ≤ 8 MB) Pupil distance: 20 to 300 pixels recommended Face angle deviation: less than 45° (horizontal); 20° (vertical) Face picture angle of list library: ≤ 25° (vertical); ≤ 30° (horizontal) Clear and complete without colored-glasses and light reflection The ratio of covered to overall area should be less than 20% Pupil distance: ≥ 40 pixels
  • Max. Number of Arming Lists1 million
  • Face Video Analysis and Comparison32 channels (2 MP) 24 channels (2 MP to 5 MP) 12 channels (8 MP)
  • Face Picture Analysis and ComparisonFace picture analysis: 160 pieces per second
  • Face AttributeAge group, gender, smile, as well as the following behaviors: wearing a mask. or glasses
  • Video Structuralization
  • Video FormatH.265,H.264
  • Video Frame Rate Requirement25 frames per second
  • Picture FormatJPG/JPEG, BMP, PNG, TIFF/TIF, Static GIF
  • Human Body Picture RequirementHuman body width: 80 to 300 pixels recommended Picture resolution: 256 × 256 to 9 MP recommended Clear and complete
  • Vehicle Picture RequirementPicture resolution: 256 × 256 to 9 MP Vehicle resolution: lager than 256 × 256 recommended License plate width: 80 to 180 pixels The included angle between the driving and vertical direction should be less than 45° Vertical angle deviation: 20° to 45°
  • Analysis of Human Body and Vehicle Videos32 channels (2 MP) 24 channels (5 MP) 12 channels (8 MP)
  • Analysis of Human Body and Vehicle Pictures3 million per day (2 MP) 2 million per day (8 MP)
  • Human Body AttributeTop type, top color, bottom type, bottom color, age group, gender, hair style, as well as the following behaviors: wearing glasses, a hat, or a mask, carrying a bag, a suitcase, or other stuffs, riding, vehicle type of riding, people number of riding, electric motorbike carrying a suitcase, tricycle with a tent
  • Vehicle AttributeVehicle type, vehicle color, vehicle main brand, license plate number, license plate color, license plate type
  • Product Performance
  • Authorization TypeDevice Encryption
  • Hardware Specifications
  • Memory Parameters8 GB
  • CPU1 × E3-1225 v3
  • Hard Disk 240 GB
  • GPU Card6 × KT
  • Max. Power Consumption145 W
  • Device Dimensions439 mm (W) × 591 mm (D) × 44 mm (H) (17.28'' × 23.27'' × 1.73'')
  • Package Dimensions570 mm (W) × 780 mm (D) × 180 mm (H) (22.44'' × 30.71'' × 7.09'')
  • PSU CRPS 550 W × 2
  • Physical and Environmental Parameters
  • Storage and Transportation Temperature -40 ℃ to 70 ℃ (-40 ℉ to 158 ℉)


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