Ready to go: Naya Raipur City with Hikvision Intelligent Traffic Flow Cameras

Ready to go: Naya Raipur City with Hikvision Intelligent Traffic Flow Cameras
Naya Raipur, officially known as Atal Nagar, is an up-and-coming city in Chhattisgarh, India. ‘Mantralay’, the city's administrative body, is situated here. As the city grows, administrators are regularly considering their traffic challenges. They realised they needed a hi-tech solution and decided to call upon Bharath Electronic Limited, a company that has a systems integration division. Bharath has extensive experience with many smart city projects, along with expansive police and defence projects.
In the local area Bharath Electronic is known as a Hikvision ‘MSI’ (Master System Integrator). Bharath has a great history using Hikvision products and solutions, and knew that Hikvision would be the brand to use once again for this traffic flow and detection project.
For this project, Naya Raipur city administrators needed, first of all, accuracy. Accuracy of recorded data would be the foundation on which this entire smart city application would stand. Traffic police also needed a system that would enable them to monitor and regulate the challenges of traffic chaos in various parts of the city. Beyond that, traffic infractions, road crimes, and cases of vehicle theft needed to be countered and properly resolved to bring law and order to the city’s motorways. It was a big job, but with the right team in place and with Hikvision’s advanced traffic flow cameras ready to go, Bharath knew they could handle it.
Working within Bharath’s requirements, the Hikvision Prama solution team suggested the iDS-TCD203-A High Performance Traffic Camera models. Smart functions in this camera include lane flow and average vehicle speed calculations, along with analytics that report time and space headway, time and space occupancy, and lane queue length. These smart traffic cameras can identify vehicle types – large, small, or motorcycle – and lane traffic status – whether smooth, slow, or congested. They use advanced technology to report congestion levels on the roads so staff at the monitoring centre can take action to clear the blockage and keep vehicles moving safely.
These cameras feature 2 MP imaging, and use three supplement LED lights for night time surveillance. The housings are built to IP67 protection ratings to beat the weather and offer space for TF(Trans-flash) cards up to 128 GB so that recording can continue in case of any network interruption.
The only Hikvision products used in this application were the traffic monitoring cameras, which integrated beautifully with the city’s own software. This is a great example of the wide compatibility that Hikvision cameras offer. With open-source platforms and advanced technology that incorporates ONVIF (Version 2.1), ISAPI, and other international design protocols, Hikvision’s iDS-TCD203-A traffic cameras are easy to incorporate into any system design and powerful enough to still deliver first-rate data and intelligence with accuracy, reliability, and long life.
Raipur Smart City owns the products and the traffic police operate it, so strategic junctions and camera locations were selected by police to cover whole city. The system is monitored 24 hours a day by police staff. High quality fibre optic cables were used as the transmission method to deliver the best quality imaging, and to future-proof the on-going expansion of this smart city and traffic monitoring operation.

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