Hikvision Provides India What They Want: Technology and Ease-of-Use

Hikvision Provides India What They Want: Technology and Ease-of-Use

"Before, my company sold a variety of different security manufacturers' products throughout India. However, now, we only sell Hikvision."
- Vipin Mishra, Managing Director and Owner of Microtek Electronic Industries

It takes a great deal of confidence for an owner to stake both the success of his company and his personal livelihood on one particular manufacturer. But, as Mr. Mishra attests, Hikvision is just such a company. "We have been using Hikvision products for the past 2 years, and the failure rate is almost zero. Beyond this, Hikvision's after-sales support is remarkable … we receive regular updates on new products and their software is also readily available."

NIIT Technologies: a Case in Point

NIIT Technologies Ltd., located in India's industrial hub – Greater Noida – and a part of the northwest state of Uttar Pradesh, provides such an example.

When NIIT Technologies – a leading IT company offering end-to-end software solutions and services to customers around the globe – wanted to secure their corporate offices, they contacted Microtek Electronic Industries. As such, Mr. Mishra designed a customized solution that included three Hikvision products: the DS-2AF1-512 Analog High Speed Dome, the DS-7416HI-ST Standalone DVR, and the DS-1003KI Keyboard.

From the beginning, analog technology was chosen over a digital signal "because the quality is good, it is a bit more flexible in terms of price, and most Indian companies are more familiar with analog," explained Mr. Mishra.

Thus, a series of DS-2AF1-512 Analog High Speed Dome were placed outdoors to secure the perimeter. Locations deemed as critical, such as parking, the outer boundary walls, as well as the main entrance and exit were selected for camera sites. "The physical installation of the cameras poised certain difficulties, primarily due to wiring issues," Mr. Mishra noted, "but the actual configuration and operation of these speed domes was simple."

Ease-of-use was greatly valued in this project, as Mr. Mishra elaborated: "The DS-2AF1-512 is a very efficient camera – both training and daily operation were straight-forward and uncomplicated. For example, presets and patrols can be easily programmed into this speed dome … providing quality surveillance for large areas of outdoor perimeter space."

Additionally, an IP66 rating provides protection against climatic elements, while electronic true day / night functionality, and low illumination ability ensure the DS-2AF1-512 provides "sharp pictures in the day, as well as the night," Mr. Mishra stated.

Other camera features include a 1/4" Sony Super HAD CCD, 3D intelligent positioning function, a powerful PTZ control, and a programmable alarm trigger.

As with just-mentioned Hikvision speed dome, the DS-7416HI-ST Standalone DVR also benefited from ease-of-use. In this case, a user-friendly GUI provided easy operation and functionality. Additionally, up to 4 SATA hard disks and 8 network disks can be connected to a DS-7404HI-ST model; with each disk providing a maximum of 2TB storage capacity, allowing "2-3 months or recording – easily – for this particular solution," Mr. Mishra noted.

Furthermore, with H.264 video compression and up to 4CIF resolution, "extremely clear pictures, with excellent resolution, are provided by the DS-7404HI-ST," Mr. Mishra added. Additional features include up to 1024×768 VGA output resolution, dual stream support, up to 16-ch synchronous playback, and HDD group management.

The final component in this solution is Hikvision's DS-1003KI Keyboard. This keyboard incorporates all DVR front panel functions, the ability to separately control DVR and PTZ functions, DVR support, a cascading keyboard, and a 3D joystick. Mr. Mishra explained, "This keyboard makes using our speed domes much easier. In keeping with our goal of overall ease and efficiency, the use of this keyboard allows a security operator to quickly move the camera and immediately focus on a point of interest."

Ultimately, this NIIT Technologies' solution represented what Hikvision stands for, as Mr. Mishra summed up: "Hikvision has great quality and provides extremely long-lasting products. These products provide top-of-the-line security technology, all bundled inside an easy-to-use package. India's security market greatly values these qualities, and it is a big reason why I've chosen to exclusively only sell Hikvision."

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