Securing Total Petrol Stations in Morocco with Hikvision Solution

Securing Total Petrol Stations in Morocco with Hikvision Solution

With more than 250 stations located all over Morocco under Total Group, Total petrol station is the top three petrol suppliers in Morocco and provides clean and reliable fuels for the vehicles across the country. As plenty of customers and vehicles flow in and out every day, it is imperative for Total petrol station to guarantee the safety of the customers and employees with top-class surveillance products.

Total Group wanted to establish a centralized video management platform supporting high-quality video viewing and retrieval at headquarters in Morocco so as to remotely monitor the petrol stations in different locations throughout Morocco, such as Casablanca, Rabat, Agadir, Tanger, Fes, Marrakech, etc. More than that, the surveillance monitoring for 24/7(day & night) was also required to secure the perimeter of the petrol stations, such as laundry rooms, restaurants, and super markets.

In addition, the weather in Morocco is very rough with high temperature, under which the  surveillance products would operate abnormally, resulting in system halted or image distortion. Therefore, choosing reliable products with high-temperature resistance was another critical concern for Total petrol stations.

24/7 day & night surveillance protection under rough weather conditions
In order to secure the petrol stations and its areas such as restaurants and super market 24/7 day & night, Hikvision introduced DS-2CC192P-IR3 IR Cameras to meet such requirement. This camera adopts H.264 video codec and 1/3" Sony Super HAD CCD, delivering exquisite video resolution of up to 540 TVL with IR distance coverage in 30 to 40 meters. This largely caters to the customer's demand of long distance monitoring coverage with clear images at night. Moreover, the DS-2CC192P-IR3 has minimum illumination of 0.1Lux at F1.2 while the IR LEDs are off, and 0Lux while the IR LEDs are on, which enables the product to monitor the security status uninterrupted 24/7. Back light compensation and auto white balance are also supported for the product to capture clear image in various lighting conditions, which fully match the requirement of Total petrol stations, as there is a sharp illumination contrast in and outside the station during the day in particular. Most importantly, this product supports IP66 rating which enables product withstand the extremely rough weather conditions, such as high temperature, dust and wind, and dramatically reduces the maintenance cost.

Centralized monitoring with exquisite image quality
Since there are 30 sites of petrol stations surveillance points throughout Morocco, Total asked for a centralized platform to monitor and operate in its headquarters (Casablanca). It was made possible with Hikvision's DS-7000HI-S series standalone DVRs and the advanced iVMS-4000 video management software. Hikvision DS-7000HI-S Series Standalone DVR has maximum 16-channel video input, while 8-channel and 4-channel inputs being the options. This product can deliver high-quality video in playback with the resolution of up to 4CIF by adopting H.264 video codec. Featuring dual compression stream, DS-7000HI-S Series Standalone DVR allow main stream to locally store the high-quality video footages, while sub-stream for remote preview with minimal network bandwidth occupation.

In addition, Hikvision client software iVMS-4000 was used for building a powerful video surveillance system with efficient installation and excellent performance. It supports remote preview and playback, as well as to remotely configure the parameters, which helps the security staff in Total Group (Headquarter in Morocco) to view the on-site scenes, as well as to centrally manage the surveillance system more conveniently.

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