Security Scores at Universiade 2011

Security Scores at Universiade 2011

The 26th Summer Universiade was held successfully in Shenzhen -- a major strategic location of commerce in southeast of China. This international event kicked off on August 12 and continued until August 23. The experimental city of China's reform and opening up, has witnessed the largest sport event in Universiade history with around eleven thousands participants from over 150 countries and regions.


Due to the massive scale of Universiade, tons of visitors from home and abroad gather to enjoy the big event as well as tour around the Shenzhen city. Given the diverse size and amount of people, the local government needs to intensively improve the security standard to avoid potential dangers. Illegal intrusions and terrorist attacks should be avoided to well protect people, venues and surrounding areas like Universiade village, downtown area and main roads, so that the city taste the sweetness of success of the event.


To achieve the security goal, Hikvision provided with comprehensive video surveillance solution to the Universiade venues and the surrounding places, thus playing a crucial role in the security protection of Shenzhen's main areas. While enthusiast's sports lovers follow the games with breathless attention in the stadium, high-resolution Hikvision's cameras keep a close eye on the whole scene and provide the necessary security.


All cameras are equipped with the advanced technology, which allows for the recording of clear, high-contrast images, even under the most difficult lighting conditions. Those include frequent changes between shadows and lights as they occur in sports stadiums. It is also possible to clearly identify faces even from large distances.


High definition video capturing and centralized monitoring
To secure the 28 sports venues including the new-built Gymnasium of Shenzhen Bay Sports Center (Opening ceremony), Natatorium of Universiade Center and Bao'an Stadium, Hikvision utilized high definition cameras to monitor the venues, capturing clear images of every scene in the competition areas and audience areas, while the DVRs in the control room deliver high quality videos in real time for the security staff to know what's happening on site. It was made possible with Hikvision's advanced iVMS 5000 video management software that was introduced to play a great role in achieving a totally centralized monitoring of the 28 sports venues, managing the devices including analog cameras, HD cameras and DVRs.


The traffic situation near the venues might be complex as well during the Universiade. Thus, Hikvision's high definition cameras have also been installed in the main roads' bus stops near the venues to capture clear images of people flow so as to place a deterrent effect on robbery and theft behaviors. Besides, each police car patrolling in surrounding areas of venues were installed a whole set of Hikvision's Mobile Enforcement System which consists of PTZ camera, 3G transmission system, GPS and data export instrument etc. It helps the police to well detect suspicious scenes on the roads and transmit the information to the control center.


Intelligent video analytics deployment
For the surrounding places near the venues including the Universiade village, the surveillance requirement may not be that crucial, as for most of the time, there may be no person appearing in some of these regions, and security staffs do not need to keep an eye on the scenes all day long. These exterior places too were well protected by Hikvision intelligent monitoring solution with auto tracking PTZ cameras. The function of tracking can be set either automatically or manually. Security staffs can set a restricted area for the cameras to do intrusion detection, when someone enters the area, the camera can follow the person automatically with its advanced video analytics and pan tilt mechanical design. On the other hand, if security staffs need to follow a person who might be suspicious, what they need to do is just clicking the object to track its whereabouts.


Apart from the auto tracking technology, Hikvision's intelligent video analytics technology that includes features like people counting has been introduced. In addition to cheer for the athletes, visitors come to Shenzhen may also visit the famous places in the city, and one of the must-see places is the Dongmen pedestrian street -- one of the main downtown areas in Shenzhen integrating tourism, shopping and entertainment -- attracting thousands of people from home and abroad every day. Thus, Hikvision's cameras were utilized together with people-counting analysis software to detect the individuals and maintain the safety and security across the areas, too. By collecting visitor statistics, the security staff can compare the people flow according to different periods, so as to well pre-allocate the security team in these areas, protecting people from potential dangers. Therefore the complete surroundings of stadiums, roads, streets are also well monitored.
"We are proud to serve this world-class event. In this project, Hikvision's advanced products have been widely utilized to cover an overall protection for the venues and perimeter areas. Our surveillance solution completely met the requirements of high definition and intelligent video analysis as requested," Said Polo Cai, vice-president of Hikvision.

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