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  • AB Corepixel
    Telefon: +46 (0)10-33 00 140
    Adres e-mail: sales@corepixel.se
    Witryna: www.corepixel.se

    AB Corepixel is one of the leading distributors of CCTV in terms of knowledge. With a full 30 years of combined expertise in the video security industry, we have excellent skills. Our network gives customers access to experts and local expertise of highly trained professionals in all Nordic countries.

  • ADI Global Distribution -- Sweden
    Telefon: +46 08 410 113 50
    Adres e-mail: info.se@adiglobal.com
    Witryna: www.adiglobal.com/se
    ADI Global Distribution is committed to building trusted and personal business partnerships by providing the necessary tools and security systems to enhance your capabilities and expand your business today, and in the future.
    Telefon: +46 8 633 90 00
    Adres e-mail: sverige@also.com
    Witryna: www.also.se

    ALSO’s European B2B marketplace is the trading center for goods and services of the ICT & CCTV industry. Exactly tailored to the needs and requirements of the most diverse customers. That makes ALSO a competent, reliable, and sustainable partner.



    Telefon: +46 (0)8 7408900
    Adres e-mail: info@copiax.se
    Witryna: www.copiax.se

    Copiax AB, the largest security wholesaler in Sweden, daily delivers security products and services to installers and system integrators in Sweden.

    The company offers Swedish security installers a complete range of mechanical, electro mechanical and electronic security products - intrusion protection, access control, video surveillance, fire alarm systems, safety and door automation.

  • EET Europarts
    Telefon: +46 08-507 510 00
    Adres e-mail: info@eeteuroparts.se
    Witryna: www.eeteuroparts.se