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  • ADI Global Distribution
    Telefon: +421 244 454 660
    Adres e-mail: obchod.sk@adiglobal.com
    Witryna: www.adiglobal.com/sk

    ADI is the leading global wholesale distributor of security and low voltage products with more than 200 worldwide locations to serve you. 

  • EUROIN, a.s.
    Telefon: +421 417 644 333
    Adres e-mail: info@euroin.sk
    Witryna: www.maxalarm.sk

    EUROIN, a.s. is a wholesale company specialized in security technology, products and services established in 2005. As a reliable partner, we successfully provide solutions to our customers and strive to satisfy their needs through the highest possible level of quality in all processes. We are a customer-friendly company, so we offer 24/7 technical support, provide an easy return policy and always seek to satisfy everyone that we work with. Our warehouses in Zilina and Bratislava provide an excellent availability of products, thanks to which we are always ready for fast supply, even for big projects. 


  • Express Alarm Slovakia s.r.o.
    Telefon: +421 434 924 214
    Adres e-mail: obchod@express-alarm.sk
    Witryna: www.express-alarm.sk
    Express Alarm Slovakia s.r.o. has been playing in CCTV field for more than 10 years and is a reliable and professional partner.
  • HDSECURITY, S.r.o.
    Telefon: 421 (0)2 210 254 41
    Adres e-mail: hdsecurity@hdsecurity.sk
    Witryna: www.hdsecurity.sk

    Distributor of security systems, 25 years on Slovak market, dynamic sales team, perfect offer for customers and great technical support for partners

  • Slovak alarms s.r.o.
    Telefon: +421 52 7722729
    Adres e-mail: info@slovakalarms.sk
    Witryna: www.slovakalarms.sk

    We supply installation companies in whole Slovakia.