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  • akatos.net Surveillance & Technology Trade
    Telefon: +30 210 8074452
    Adres e-mail: sales@akatos.net
    Witryna: www.akatos.net
    akatos.net Surveillance & Technology Trade is a wholesales company in Europe with proved competence, experience in the security field . We are supplying quality CCTV equipment to professional security installers. And we are Hikvision distributor since 2005.
    Telefon: +30 210 2135885
    Adres e-mail: sales@alarmsys.gr, info@alarmsys.gr
    Witryna: http://www.alarmsys.gr

    A continued presence in the market of Greece have characterized to one of the major distributors in Greece market.

    With our experience in Hikvision products we can provide perfect pre-sales and after-sales support to all our customers.


  • ILKA S.A.
    Telefon: + 30 210 6071510
    Adres e-mail: sales@ilka.gr
    Witryna: www.ilka.gr

    ILKA S.A was founded in 1975 and it is one of the leading distributors of CCTV and security systems in Greece. Working with HIKVISION for many years, we provide excellent pre-sales and after-sales support to our customers, no matter the size and the complexity of their project.

  • Novatron Security Distribution S.A.
    Telefon: +30 210 6179919
    Adres e-mail: info@novatronsec.com
    Witryna: www.novatronsec.com
    Physical Address: Thermopilon 6, 14122 Neo Iraklio, Athens, Greece

    Novatron Security is a value-added distributor of Security Systems in Greece. We partner directly with the major manufacturers in the security industry, to offer to our customers a wide range of products and solutions.
    Our customers are mainly Professional Installers, Security System Integrators and IT Integrators who are active in mid-range to the high-end projects.

  • SAFIAN Ltd
    Telefon: 210 958 8311-12
    Adres e-mail: mikesif@safian.gr
    Witryna: www.safian.gr
    Physical Address: Thessalonikis 100, Zip: 183 45, Moschato
  • Vector Ltd
    Telefon: +30 210-4925473
    Adres e-mail: info@vectorsecurity.gr
    Witryna: www.vectorsecurity.gr

    Vector Ltd. owned by Group Elektra Technic, was founded in 1997 as a developer and manufacturer of Power Electronics and custom high technology parts under the brand Vector Electronics. In 2007 Vector begins import and distribution of high quality security products under the brand Vector Security to soon become one of the leading security system distributors in our market.