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Chemical Plants are complex facilities where chemical compounds are created and stored. Due to the high-risk nature of these unique facilities, traditional security methods like manual inspections might not be as safe or efficient as they once were.


Hikvision offers an all-encompassing solution that focuses on four critical components. This solution not only improves property safety with its topnotch security solution, but also helps improve operational safety and efficiency through adapting Artificial Intelligence powered functionality. All together, our solution aims to build a more secure chemical plant.


Effective Protection and Efficient Management

Hard Hat Detection

Intelligently Hard Hat Detection with DeepinView Bullet Camera . This helps to improve the safety level without requiring extra manpower to oversee.

Quick and Easy Movement Throughout the Warehouse

Hikvision’s face recognition technologies offer a smooth and convenient way to access various areas, for example, through a roller shutter door, without having to have workers get down from the forklift.

Entering and Exiting During Rush Hours

Hikvision’s face recognition technologies make workers’ access authentication accurate, efficient, hygienic, and impossible to counterfeit. Clocking in and out with large numbers of workers is  no longer  time-consuming.

Employee Attendance Management

Hikvision’s employee attendance function can be seamlessly integrated with third-party OA or Time Attendance Systems, vastly improving the efficiency of employee management.


Standardize Driving Behaviors and Improve Vehicle Management



On-Site Driving Regulations and Management

Vehicle regulation and management is especially important at chemical plants because vehicles often carry hazardous or toxic materials that require special training licenses and extreme caution. Driving over the speed limit or illegal parking in prohibited areas could have disastrous consequences.


With Hikvision’s specially-design traffic management products, managing drivers and vehicles within the plant immediately becomes safer, easier, and more efficient.


Recommended Products:

CheckPoint Camera/Radar: iDS-TCV900, DS-TD10N-1

DarkFighter Traffic PTZ: iDS-2VS435-F836



Entrance & Exit Control

Hikvision offers convenient and efficient entrance & exit control for industrial parks with or without a security booth at the gate.


Pre-registered vehicles can pass efficiently via automatic license plate recognition. Visitor vehicles can also conveniently log in at a security booth or remotely using a video intercom device. Pre-registered vehicles can pass efficiently via automatic license plate recognition. Visitor vehicles can also conveniently log in at a security booth or remotely using a video intercom device.


Recommended Products:

ANPR Bullet Camera: iDS-TCM403-A  


Reliably Record and Safely Store All Operations



Perimeter Protection

When dealing with large areas that suffer from low illumination, using a thermal camera can provide clear video – even in zero-light environments.


For areas that require higher-level security protection, the combination of radar and dome camera brings both accurate radar and clear visuals together. The link between the two – radar accuracy and dome camera clarity – allows you to easily track any suspicious movements.



Intelligent and Efficient Security Patrol – Remote Patrol

Remote patrols are safer and more efficient. Security or other managers can visually check all sites using high-definition cameras based on patrol schedules. Users can also enjoy the benefit of remote patrols with their existing security system.


If an event is captured during a patrol, security guard receives notification and makes needed improvements. 



Intelligent and Efficient Security Patrol – AI Patrols

Artificial Intelligence Patrols add intelligence on top of remote methods – now security staff and managers do not have to manually check all video footage. The AI patrol will identify a problem when a captured image triggers pre-set rules. AI patrols reduce manpower and offer a more intelligent way to quickly respond to any problem. 


Intelligent Functions to Ensure Production and Goods Safety



Temperature Tracking and Warning System

Of all the events that could take place in a chemical plant, fire hazards are the most serious and deadly – and perhaps the most preventable. This is why the ability to foresee such events is particularly important in production and storage areas.


Hikvision’s Thermal Cameras provide continuous tracking and monitoring of temperatures in targeted locations. Alerts or warnings will be sent to relevant personnel upon the detection of abnormal temperature. Utilizing thermal technology helps to effectively detect fire or explosions in the early stages.



Processing Monitoring

Conventional security devices are unfit for the crucial environments of a chemical plant. Hikvision’s anti-corrosion cameras and explosion-proof cameras are specially-designed for these challenging scenarios. With a full portfolio of both indoor and outdoor models, you can easily monitor different areas or processes with ensured device robustness and great imaging capability. For example, an indoor explosion-proof camera can be used to monitor the liquid level of oil tanks.




Intuitive and Comprehensive Dashboard 

With the 3D image of your logistics park at the center of the dashboard, you will see all operational data and activity in one place. Whether you’re looking for statistics on operations, security, or employee performance, this dashboard has it all! 



AR Command Center

This AR command center is an efficient tool for you to quickly access real-time video feed for different areas – simply click on the tag to switch view window.


24 MP 270°Panoramic and PTZ Camera (DS-2DP2427ZIXS-DE/440/T2)



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