The way vertical industries respond to pressure will determine how their businesses run for years to come. Making good use of the existing systems and coming up with innovative solutions is a good first step in response to the current difficult situation.


As we roll out a variety of applications – from mask detection to social distancing – having a smart and powerful system that converges, processes, archives and presents all important data is an essential advantage for our end users. It offers a roadmap for business administrators to plan ahead, gain critical situational awareness, and react quickly when they need to.


Above all, it enables all-around protection by keeping users aware of conditions across various locations.

Flow control and mask detection

Flow Control and Mask Detection with Existing Security Systems

Legacy security systems, with cameras properly installed, can be reused for flow control and mask detection using algorithms built into DeepinMind NVRs. 


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Temperature Screening and Social Distancing with Dedicated Cameras

Paired with thermographic cameras and dual-lens cameras, DeepinMind NVRs provide an intuitive user interface and robust back-end support for temperature screening and interpersonal distance control. They also support flow control and mask detection with specific cameras.  


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DeepinMind NVRs visualized data

Visualize Everything on One Screen

DeepinMind NVRs visualize all configured data types and instant alarms across various locations all at once; the result is virtually all-inclusive awareness and protection.


Moreover, in a few clicks, operators can locate video footage with notable events, or generate attendance reports with temperature and mask status.


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