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3 ways that Hikvision AcuSense technology delivers new competitive edge for your business

juli 14, 2021


Around the world, residential and business customers are crying out for innovative new security technologies that help them boost intrusion protection, and reduce their operating costs. "With AcuSense technology from Hikvision, you can meet this demand – and grow your share of the lucrative residential and SMB security market,” says Kevin You, Product Management Director at Hikvision.

Homeowners and businesses have always looked to technology to improve their operations, security, and efficiency. Now, thanks to Hikvision’s AcuSense technology, you can help them achieve all these goals with the latest, AI-powered security cameras, NVRs, and DVRs.


But how does AcuSense help you grow your business? 

The answer is simple: with AcuSense, you can help your customers upgrade to innovative, AI-powered security capabilities – at only a small incremental cost to their business. And because they can achieve major security improvements and efficiency gains with AcuSense, customers’ buying decisions are typically easy to justify and quick to deliver ROI. 

Offering AcuSense-enabled cameras, NVRs, and DVRs to your customers benefits your business in three key ways: 


1) AcuSense helps you increase your share of the residential and SMB security market

Tough economic conditions are driving technology innovation in the residential and SMB security market, where customers urgently need technologies that boost security capabilities, while also reducing manual workloads and operating costs. 

AcuSense technology from Hikvision meets these needs with advanced AI features that support faster, more effective responses to security incidents – with a fraction of the manual work needed for manual CCTV monitoring. With the ability to differentiate between humans and vehicles and other moving objects, AcuSense reduces costly false positives for your customers, enables end users to verify real security threats immediately, and automates video searches to save hours on manual video reviews.

All this means that making a business case for AcuSense is very easy for most homeowners and businesses, and that customers typically achieve rapid ROI on their investments. This, in turn, makes customers’ buying decisions easy, and speeds up the sales cycle and time to revenue for your business. 


2) AcuSense helps you deliver even more value for your customers – with no added deployment complexity

While AcuSense technology delivers a range of value-added features for customers, Hikvision’s AI-powered cameras, NVRs, and DVRs are also simple to install and configure. This means that you can deliver the security and efficiency benefits of AI security for your customers quickly and easily, without additional training requirements for your people.

In part, installation is so easy because the Motion Detection 2.0 function of AcuSense-enabled cameras and DVRs is turned on by default. This means that accurate human and vehicle detection is possible with no configuration necessary. 


3) AcuSense helps you meet all of your customers’ security requirements with a single supplier: Hikvision

With AcuSense, you can meet all of your customers’ security requirements – including video monitoring and intrusion alarms – with a single supplier and device architecture. As well as providing video footage 24x7, AcuSense-enabled cameras, NVRs, and DVRs trigger alarms to end users’ mobile phones in the event of a security breach. Additionally, some AcuSense-enabled cameras in the Hikvision range include sound and strobe-light alarms to startle intruders and stop them in their tracks before losses or damage occur. 

The benefit of meeting customers’ security needs with a single supplier is clear. In particular, single-supplier solutions are simpler to design, procure, install, configure and support – making your entire project and business simpler. You and your customers also get a single point of responsibility and support for the end to end security solution, improving efficiency and convenience.


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To discover more about AcuSense technology, and how it can help you meet your customers’ needs for innovation and boost your share of the residential and SMB security market, please contact us today. You can also find more AcuSense resources on the Hikvision Website. 

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