iVMS-4800 Temperature Measurement


Software Description:


iVMS-4800( is a software to do temperature measurement analysis with thermal cameras. It supports to analyze temperature by online or offline mode, and to export temperature measurement report. With temperature analyzing function, you are able to adjust image palltes, temperature parameters and so on.


For online mode, you could connect thermal cameras and monitor the temperature change in real time. (Network thermography cameras, DS-2TA series)

For offline mode, you could analyze the captured pictures and video. (Handheld thermography cameras, DS-2TP series)


New Added Function:

  1. Online Temperature Measurement
    Support SADP: Activate the device, set network parameters and reset password.
    Support temperature measurement in video & audio mode
    Support temperature measurement for raw data: Normal mode, expert mode, gray scale and temperature curve
  2. Offline video analysis:
    Support normal mode, expert mode, gray scale and temperature curve
    Device Maintenance:
  3. Support dead point correction, device upgradation, and device parameter reset.


Improved Function:

Offline image analysis optimization: Temperature measurement range, normal mode, expert mode and gray scale.


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