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Hikvision & DLI: Contactless Solutions Under the New Normal

Contactless Solutions Under the New Normal



Waking up to the reality of 2020 & beyond, companies need to ensure that their major assets, i.e. the workforce, is safe and well protected in their work space. HIKVISION MinMoe terminals, along with HR WORKS provides the best ways for an organization to ensure that the employees are safe, and prepare for any emergency / unexpected situations. Integrating with HIKVISION, HR WORKS provides for real-time email alerts and notifications for all sorts of employee / attendance exceptions. The system also provides for comprehensive time management functions of an organization thereby eliminating all sort of manual tracking for attendance.


Webinar Date: 29th of June, starts from 2pm (UTC+4)

Shajal Mohiyadeen

DLI IT GROUP -Sales and Marketing Manager



DLT IT GROUP - Director of Products and Sales


Austin Liu

Hikvision MENA Partner Alliance Manager

Welcome Keynote

02:00 – 02:02



Market Situation Analysis

02:02 – 02:05



Hikvision Product Presentation

02:05 – 02:08

DLI Keynote

02:08 – 02:20

DLI Integrations

02:20 – 02:30

Demo Presentation

02:30 – 02:35


02:35 – 09:45