Hikvision offers a comprehensive Traffic Order Management solution covering Traffic Information Detection, Traffic Signal Control, and Traffic Information Publishing. A diverse set of applications include vehicle information detection, single-point control, green-wave control, and traffic guidance. Traffic safety and fluidity improve and safeguard the legitimate rights and interests of law-abiding drivers.

Traffic information detection

Hikvision offers a Traffic Information Detection solution with diverse applications including detection and statistics of traffic flow, average speeds, space and time headway, vehicle types, and queue lengths, providing the basis for intelligent transportation services and traffic management.


Enhancing road safety 


The Traffic Information Detection System detects live traffic data such as vehicle speeds, queue lengths, and time and space occupancy at key intersections and on highways to provide video-based traffic flow monitoring services, reporting road statuses dynamically. 


Optimizing traffic management and control


The Traffic Information Detection System delivers traffic conditions in real time with intelligent video imaging and radar technology.

It helps traffic authorities make better, well-informed traffic guidance decisions and maintain traffic order in a much more efficient way.

Traffic signal control

Hikvision offers a comprehensive Traffic Signal Control solution with diverse applications including single-point control, green-wave control, and traffic-light durations control to restore flow in all directions.


Shortening commute times


The Traffic Signal Control System calculates traffic flow in real time with camera-perceived data, detects the length of vehicle queues, and automatically adjusts green and red light durations through a traffic signal controller to restore fluid traffic throughout the city.


Improving traffic management efficiency


The Traffic Signal Control System enables real-time monitoring of intersection traffic status and automated optimization of signal timing, as well as converging various types of detected data to forecast traffic trends and help authorities make smarter decisions.

Traffic information publishing

Hikvision offers a comprehensive Traffic Information Publishing solution to disseminate information including road incidents, congestions, weather, road construction and others to drivers on the roads.

Detecting anomalies & Events instantly


The Traffic Information Detection and Publishing System is an early warning system for urban roadways and highways. It visualizes warnings of incidents and road conditions in a timely manner to reduce the impact on passing vehicles and to improve transportation.


Planning ahead, traveling smart


In case of congestion or potential traffic accidents, route information or road incidents will  be displayed on a traffic guidance screen. Drivers can take in the information and plan their driving in advance, or get redirected to alternate routes – and keep moving!

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