With public health risks at large, hotels must practice stringent health, safety and hygienic protocols. But prioritizing safety for guests helps to rebuild their confidence. With advanced products and measures for temperature screening and social distancing, Hikvision’s customized solutions do more than just help hotels reassure guests and reboot business – our solutions add long-term value to hotel operations.


Multi-Site Temperature Screening
A variety of products create safe and efficient temperature screening in multiple locations


Video-Based Density Control
Interpersonal distance control and queue management regulate social distancing


Highly Centralized Management
Instant visualization of operations and emergency events provides total situational awareness



Hotel Lobbies 

Temperature Screening & CCTV Security

  • Temperature Screening
    Preliminary temperature screening shall be completed in the first place. Camera models with higher resolutions enable temperature measurement of several guests at a time.
  • Information Display
    Data from Hikvision cameras can be displayed on digital signage, which supports instant visualization of temperature and face mask status, while serving as media player for welcome messages or advertisements.

* Available for application extention which based on bi-spectrum image fusion in addition to security system


Recommended Products: 

Front Desks

Distance Control & Queue Management

In areas where queuing is unavoidable, social distancing compliance is vital. Dual-lens cameras with 3D modeling technology measure distances between people accurately and generate auto-alarms when they get too close together. 


Queue management cameras trigger notifications to front desk managers when a long line begins to form, facilitating measures to keep fewer people in waiting areas and elevating the customer experience.


Recommended Products: 

Restaurants, Gyms & Office Areas 

Temperature Screening, Mask Detection & Staff Management

Regular temperature screening is essential where guests gather, such as in the restaurants, bars and fitness facilities. Hikvision’s MinMoe Terminals enable noninvasive temperature screening and mask detection whenever a guest enters.


When installed in office areas, MinMoe terminals provide hygienic, contact- free access for employees using facial recognition.


Recommended Products:

Elevators, Parking, and Other Indoor and Outdoor Areas 

Mask Detection, Intrusion Detection & Perimeter Protection

Keeping everyone safe means taking precautions wherever possible, like mask detection with security cameras in open areas such as elevator lobbies and parking garages. Hikvision cameras have these operations covered as well as intrusion detection and perimeter protection.


Recommended Products:

Powerful Data Visualization and Centralized Management

Hotel managers and security staff can view statistics and records of all connected areas in real time, respond to alarms quickly, search events, and even generate reports using HikCentral software.


Centralized management reduces repeated efforts for hotel and security staff, and it facilitates the consolidation and coordination of resources and for steady hotel operations.


Recommended Products:


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