How to Check Device Serial Number

How to Check Device Serial Number

Device serial number(SN) is usually consist of nine digits, or one letter + eight digits.

You can find device serial number according to below methods.


Method 1: Find serial number on the package label or the device label.


Method 2: Find serial number on device local menu.


Please enter device local Menu- Maintenance- System Info- Device Info to check device serial number. 




Please enter device local Maintenance- System Info- Device Information to check device serial number. 



For IPC:

Please login device via web browser, enter Configuration- System- System Settings to check device serial number.


Method 3: Find serial number with SADP tool.

1.Follow the link to download the latest version of SADP tool on your computer.

2.Use SADP software to automatically search active online devices in the same subnet with the PC running the software, and then select the required device to view its serial number.


For IPC: 






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