What is HikCentral FocSign?

HikCentral FocSign is a multifunctional platform that integrates program design and release, digital signage terminal management. With diverse pre-installed advertisement templates and visualized display during creation process, it enhances the efficiency of advertisement making, enabling everyone to quickly design the program in need.


What’s more, its abundant material types, flexible layout style design, as well as the combination with intelligent cameras, satisfy the needs of a variety of scenarios, such as commercial advertisement, event information release, temperature screening, and employee attendance. The central management and remote maintenance functions greatly improve operational efficiency and reduce labor costs.

Key features
Diversified content creation


Diversified content creation


  • Supports 13 materials types, including video, picture, TXT, word, audio, webpage and more, which allows the building of more creative and attractive programs
  •  Besides advertisement programs, it also supports the program creation and release of temperature screening, flow control, employee attendance, and more


Ready-to-go and visualized design templates


Ready-to-go and visualized design templates


  • Eight types of pre-installed program templates, greatly reducing cost and time 
  • The whole program creation process is carried out in a visualized way. Everyone can easily make a program they need without professional training
Remote management and reduced cost


Remote management and reduced cost


  • The centralized management enabled by the platform allows remote release of programs and cut-in messages, together with remote view to check if the program is running well
  • What’s more, it is supported to remotely control the terminal to turn on/off, the volume, brightness, pause/start play, and parameter configuration, reducing on-site visits and cost

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