22 Series Body Camera Cradle

  • Charging & Data download of DS-MH2211
  • Charging slot for spare Lithium battery of DS-MH2211
  • Delicacy appearance, easy to carry

  • General
  • Power SupplyDC 5V
  • Charging CurrentDS-MH2211: 1A, Lithium battery: 500mA
  • Charging timeApprox. 4h
  • Indicator Status
  • PowerSolid Green: Power normal
  • ChargeSolid Red: Charging Solid Green: Full charged
  • Power:Solid Green: Power normal
  • Charge:Solid Red: Charging Solid Green: Full charged
  • Performance
  • Working Temperature0 °C to +45 °C
  • Working Humidity≤ 90%
  • Function
  • FunctionDS-MH2211 SingleSlotDock
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