Value Full Height Turnstile

  • LED indicates the passing direction(forbidden or available).
  • When the power is cut off, the system will automatically unlock the brake levers into a free-passing mode to facilitate the evacuation of people.
  • Valid passing duration settings: System will cancel the passing permission if a person does not pass through the lane within the valid passing duration.
  • Support bi-directional passing through.

  • System
  • MCBFMore than 2 million times
  • MotorNA
  • General
  • ThroughputMore than 30 persons per minute The actual throughput is affected by the person passing rate and passing method.
  • Lane width600mm
  • Pedestal materialSUS304 stainless steel 1.2mm(0.05'') Stainless steel pipe 1.0mm(0.04'')
  • Power supply100 to 240 VAC; 50 to 60 Hz
  • Working temperature-15℃ ~ 55℃ ( 5℉ ~ 131℉ )
  • Working humidity10% to 90% (No Condensing)
  • DimensionsWithout package: 1400mm x 1200mm x 2230mm(55.1'' x 47.3'' x 87.8'') With package: 2135mm x 1435mm x 1115mm(84.1'' x 56.5'' x 43.9'')
  • Application environmentIndoor and outdoor
  • Without package: 100 kg (221 lbs) With package: 200 kg (441 lbs)

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