How new technologies empower education?

In today’s digital age, new technologies are empowering students to learn more easily, effectively and comfortably via remote online classrooms, which are also transforming the ways that teachers organize classes and supervisors evaluate them.

What you benefit from our solution
Uniform Structure Platform
  • Uniform and open structure for multi-system integration
  • Easy integration with campus security systems
  • Plentiful components and services
  • Easy integration with third-party applications
Rich High-Quality Educational Resources
  • Provides multiple applications, including session live view, playback, interactions, etc.
  • Centralized storage and sharing enhances education resource utilization
Classroom-based Security
  • Combines well with classroom security applications to add value beyond customer requirements
Comprehensive Functions
  • Covers the whole teaching procedure, including before, during and after classes
  • Provides abundant session resources to assist with education information management
Deep Learning and AI
  • AI system explores diversified applications that improve classroom teaching, based on course videos
  • Facial recognition attendance tracking and other intelligent functions
Powerful Configuration and Management
  • Detailed configurations of classes, semesters, courses, etc., accurately integrate with a school’s daily operations
Basic solution
Check out the main benefits of our solution
  • Safe Campus
    Ensures students, parents, and administrators can enjoy a secured and serene learning environment.
  • Classroom Management
    Both teachers and students will enjoy new technologies empowering school management and teaching activities.

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