Why is people counting needed


People counting has become an extremely helpful – if not critical – component to customer- and visitor-centered businesses and services. Capturing key data about the people who visit your establishment helps you get to know your target market and hit your sales goals.


In the for-profit business world, it’s all about forecasting. Forecasting the peaks and valleys of customer flow enables retailers to take every advantage, every hour of the day, making the right decisions in management and seeing better profits in return. On this page you’ll find exciting information about how People Counting can help your small to medium-size business catch your customer’s eye and keep them coming back.

How people counting was done in the past

From simple manual registration or handheld clickers to turnstile gates and infrared beams, forecasting customer flow has seen a few long-term R&D efforts, each with its own shortcomings. 

Manual Register
Turnstile Gates
Infrared Solutions
Manual Register
  • High manual labor costs
  • Many missed targets and difficulty tracking targets long-term
  • Not possible every hour, day & night
  • Too limited for SMBs, no helpful demographics
  • Hard to manage multiple gates at once
  • Too heavy and bulky to deploy 
Control Room
  • Expensive, no helpful demographics
  • Unreliable & inaccurate when a target blocks IR ray
  • Targets missed if more than one person passes at once
What does an AI-Powered people counting system offer
Option 1: On the Door


Option 1: On the Door

1. 3D stereoscopic imaging, greatly reducing the blocking and overlapping of persons


2. High counting accuracy, guaranteed by the combination of deep learning technology and 3D imaging


3. Adaptable to varied scenes with flexible counting rule settings


4. A wide range of installation heights from 2.1 to 6 meters

Option 2: Towards the Entrance


Option 2: Towards the Entrance 

1. Adaptable to varied scenes with two counting logics


2. High counting effectiveness, supporting staff exclusion


3. Special target identification, e.g. real-time VIP notification


4. Customer attribute analysis, multi-angle demographic statistics


5. Implementing smart functions and regular video monitoring on one camera

Why choose Hikvision’s people counting solution

Extremely High Accuracy

Hikvision’s People Counting cameras offer high accuracy, with adaptable counting rules and mechanisms to limit the blocking and overlapping of persons.


Staff Exclusion

The cameras can be configured to exempt employees from the counting to focus on the real customer flow.


Remote and Smart Configuration

These cameras are embedded with video analytics that can be configured and managed with software installed on a laptop and mobile devices. Business owners can view real-time and historical statistics from any location.


Ease of Integration

The specialized cameras are easy to install and don’t occupy floor space. They are designed to integrate with the environment in order to minimize obstruction or disruption of business and other activities in the area.


Who it benefits
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