What is automated event alert
What is automated event alert


What happens when your on-duty staff gets away from their post? Your operation suffers from sudden interruption, possible emergencies, and a multitude of consequences that range from mostly insignificant to potentially disastrous. 


In critical workplaces, deviant behavior can lead to serious consequences. Based on today’s deep learning video analysis technology, Hikvision has developed its intelligent Automated Event Alert, which automatically detects unexpected absences while on duty, and can be set to generate a real-time notification.

How was it done in the past

Up until recently, supervising workplaces was accomplished through conventional means – by managers checking in with their subordinates. Flaws in this approach included:


  • Total dependence on personnel
  • Low reliability and efficiency
  • Unnecessary labor costs
  • Unsustainable
What does an AI-Powered alert system offer


The Hikvision Monitoring Solution incorporates Artificial Intelligence and Deep Learning algorithms to create intelligent, automated video analysis that advance operations far beyond manual or human-centered event alerts. Loaded with specifically designed algorithms and linked with IP speakers, regular security cameras detect events that would impact safe and smooth business operations and send out alerts immediately.


This advanced and intelligent solution provides several key benefits:


  • Real-time alarm monitoring and intelligent notifications
  • Low labor cost as tasks are automated 
  • Privacy protections that can be customized to laws and restrictions
How an AI-Equipped, Video-Based Alert System Works


Example – The Factory Packaging Line


Performing tasks such as folding, filling, and sealing shipping materials, the packaging line is the end of the manufacturing process. In large companies, this important step is becoming automated, while smaller businesses often still complete this process manually. Most of these lines use conveyor belts to keep the process running smoothly. 



Why is Automated Event Alert so important here?


If an operator in the packaging line gets distracted by an incoming call, product packages pile up, the conveyor belt risks failure, and merchandise can be damaged – not to mention personal injury and extensive disruption of operations.

How automated event alerts work
Why choose Hikvision’s automated event alert solution


Hikvision’s solutions offer a multitude of powerful benefits for users of every level, whether upgrading an existing system or installing a completely new one. Hikvision’s solution prevents misconduct such as absence while on duty. The original manual inspection is converted to automated notifications, radically reducing the required effort of supervisors while vastly improving their capabilities at the same time.


Hikvision’s industry-leading intelligent technology offers a complete Automated Event Alert Solution that is:


  • Advanced – Featuring a deep learning algorithm, Hikvision’s event notification solution features high accuracy – and it’s budget-friendly.
  • Easy to Implement – Taking advantage of world-leading video technology, the solution can be integrated with a comprehensive security system from Hikvision or a vast array of other manufacturers.
  • Traceable – Recorded video footage can be saved indefinitely and events can be easily recalled with crisp, clear rendering for a multitude of applications.
  • Reliable – The system covers a wide area and works automatically 24/7, keeping the staff safer than protected by manual solutions
Who it benefits

Users of all kinds will enjoy the great benefits of reduced security costs and more intelligent, more effective security overall. Hikvision’s advanced systems are designed for multitudes of applications, including Factories and Warehouses, Fire Control Rooms, Monitoring Centers, Service Centers, and more.

Applicable businesses
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