see patterns


Seeing patterns


Space is at a premium in the city center, so Ray needs to maximize what he has. People Counting technology uses AI to track patterns in customer footfall to tell him when to expect a rush of hungry visitors so he can be ready.


This also helps him analyze the relationship between daily customer flow and things like weather, holidays, and other events. The success of promotions can be tracked too, by seeing how people respond to his promotional displays and other advertising efforts.


Minimizing waiting times


Keeping customers happy is the name of the game for Ray, so keeping lines at the cash register to a minimum is absolutely essential. That’s where the Queue Management feature helps out. Specially-equipped security cameras calculate how much time people are waiting in line, alerting the team when it’s too long. This software helps Ray put his employees in the right places, and customers are happy with great service as a result.  

Around the clock security


Around-the-clock security


The café has customers and employees coming and going throughout the day and late at night. Ray is very conscious of his responsibility to keep his employees safe, as well as protect his business. Cameras for Perimeter Protection use an intelligent system to recognize human body shapes, triggering alerts when someone is detected. This technology also dramatically reduces false alarms by filtering out pets, leaves, rain, and other irrelevant moving objects. The cameras are equipped with a built-in flashing light and verbal audio warning, so trespassers will be well-informed if they are in the wrong place at the wrong time!


Always connected


Ray often needs to run errands or step away from the café for a day now and then. While he’s out, he uses a Mobile App to keep him informed. Things like security notifications, unauthorized access in the back room, or even just how long the wait times are at any moment are all there on his smartphone. Wherever he is, and whenever he wants to check in, he can, enabling him to make decisions and keep the business running well.

Always connected



Life is busy. Everything moves fast in my business, and I’ve got a lot to do. This system adds an amazing set of technological tools to my operations, helping me get to know my customers, run successful ads, manage staff, and keep everything safe and secure. I can’t imagine trying to run my business without this system. I can rely on it to monitor the things I don’t have time to watch – giving me peace of mind and valuable information to safely maintain and grow my business.

System components

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