Reacting to falls

Reacting to falls

A big concern for Heather is that her residents could fall and injure themselves. This is a primary issue at any elderly facility. Slips and falls can happen on stairs, in dining halls, outdoor areas – and even when people are using walkers, canes, or crutches. And if someone falls when they are alone or cannot call for help, the results will be compounded.


Fall Detection technology enables these events to be detected by a camera. Specially-equipped cameras automatically trigger an alarm to authorized personnel. This means Heather’s team can act quickly when a resident is in need. If personnel are not in the location of the accident, recorded video footage can be used for verification and response. 

Maintaining quality and preventing accidents

Staff supervision is an important part of Heather’s job. She needs to ensure top quality care is maintained, even improved, in order to meet her goals. Network IP Camera footage can be used to record activities and train employees as well as to keep them accountable for their work. Furthermore, risks such as improper administration of medication, procedural mistakes, and preventable accidents, will be recorded and stored.


List Notification helps prevent memory care patients in nursing homes from wandering away without Heather’s team knowing. Specially configured cameras recognize these patients at the exits of the nursing home and notify the operators before they run into a dangerous situation. 


Technology can also help Heather streamline certain daily activities, for example in the home’s dining areas. Since residents usually take meals at the same time, there can be queues for the food stations, which makes everybody unhappy. Queue Management can flag the team when a line gets too long, allowing them to quickly alleviate any excessive waiting.

Maintaining Quality and Preventing Accidents
Keeping Vehicles Where They Should Be

Keeping vehicles where they should be

Another area Heather needs to keep an eye on is parking. There’s a limited amount of parking spaces in the employee car park, so it’s important that no one else uses it. ANPR (automatic number plate recognition) technology can be used to scan a vehicle’s license plate as it approaches. If the vehicle is on an Authorized List, the barrier will go up automatically, letting them in. Heather can add the registration numbers of her suppliers too, if she would like to give them access.


There’s a safety aspect here too – if vehicles are driving, or even parking, where they shouldn’t, accidents could happen. For example, a resident being hit by a car in an area that’s pedestrian only, or an entrance being blocked by inconsiderate parking. That’s where Illegal Parking Detection kicks in. With automated alerts sent over the CCTV system, problems can be resolved immediately.

Securing the home

Of course, security is always going to be on Heather’s mind, and Perimeter Protection technology can help her with this aspect of her business. Perimeter cameras use Deep Learning technology to dramatically reduce false alarms so Heather needs fewer security personnel, making her tight budget go further.

Securing the Home




“I can bring all of these elements together in one video management system (VMS) – and can monitor this through an app on my phone. The technologies help me improve the running of our facility, with satisfaction that has taken us the next step forward in honest, reliable, and caring service and security.”

System Components

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