Why is fall detection needed
Why a Fall Detection Solution Is Needed


Falling down, especially for hospital patients and the elderly, can cause serious and significant physical harm. For those who suffer from illnesses or disabilities, a fall could even result in loss of life. 


Previously, only trained personnel or wearable gadgets offered any kind of fall protection, with limited effectiveness. Now, based on Deep Learning video analysis technology, Hikvision has developed a Fall Detection Solution that’s safer, more convenient, and vastly more effective.

How was fall detection done in the past
How an AI-equipped, video-based fall detection system works


First, Hikvision’s AI-equipped, video-based fall detection system is installed and operating where people are at risk of falling. 


When a fall is detected, the system’s advanced deep learning algorithm triggers an alarm to authorized personnel.


If the caregiving or security personnel are not in the location of the fall, recorded video footage can be used for verification and response initiation.


Authorized personnel can then implement response plans for the individual, and recorded video footage can be retained for evidence, research, training, or other purposes (following privacy guidelines). 

How Target Identification Was Managed in Legacy Systems
Why choose Hikvision’s fall detection solution

Hikvision’s industry-leading intelligent technology offers a complete Fall Detection Solution that is:


  • Automated – With a deep learning algorithm, Hikvision’s fall detection solution features high accuracy and budget-friendly costs.
  • Easy to Implement – Taking advantage of world-leading video technology, there’s no need to wear or manually activate anything.
  • Reliable – Recorded video footage can be saved indefinitely and events can be easily recalled with crisp, clear rendering for a multitude of applications.



Who it benefits


A wide range of users will enjoy the benefits of this cost-effective solution and more intelligent, more effective overall safety. Hikvision’s advanced systems are designed for multitudes of applications, including Nursing Homes, Hospitals, Empty-Nesters and Elderly Living Alone, High-Risk Public Areas, and much, much more.

Applicable businesses
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