Why is ANPR needed
Why a Fall Detection Solution Is Needed


Ever increasing numbers of vehicles have brought new problems for civil environments. In particular, public and private parking lot management challenges have vastly increased. 


Safe and helpful parking management is particularly important at venues like airports, apartment complexes, office buildings, high-grade business districts, and just about everywhere else. During busy hours, any congestion at an entrance or exit can cause severe backups, bringing road traffic to a standstill. How can aging parking systems cope with the rapidly growing list of requirements, challenges, and questions? Hikvision has answers. 

How was vehicle entry & exit managed in the past
What does an AI-powered vehicle entry/exit management system offer


  1. Number plate recognition cameras can be easily installed and maintained.
  2. These cameras trigger automated responses to open or close the gate as well as notify personnel when needed. 
  3. Connected video management systems can be set to provide a host of automated responses for customized needs. 
How Target Identification Was Managed in Legacy Systems
Advantages of Hikvision’s ANPR solution


Enhanced Accuracy

For many ANPR cameras, when there are multiple plate types in the application region, their recognition accuracy drops off dramatically. Embedded with advanced algorithms, Hikvision’s ANPR cameras can recognize multiple plate types. These cameras suit applications around the world with recognition accuracy higher than 95%. Versions customized for specific regions have been shown to reach 98% accuracy or more. 


“Authorized” and “Unauthorized” Lists

Vehicle access control can be further managed by setting an “Authorized” list to improve vehicle flow at gates and barriers. ANPR cameras can also send notifications or alarms when they detect vehicles on an “Unauthorized” list to add to parking area safety. 

In privately-owned business and industrial areas, for example, only employee-owned vehicles are allowed to pass through entrance gates. Users can create and add license plates of employees to the “Authorized” list so only these vehicles will be allowed access. Additional lists can be created for delivery or vendor vehicles as needed. 

How Target Identification Was Managed in Legacy Systems
Who it benefits

Industrial Parks

Office Buildings

Shopping Malls


Users of all kinds will enjoy the great benefits of reduced security costs and more intelligent, more effective security overall. Hikvision’s advanced systems are designed for multitudes of applications, including Industrial Parks, Office Buildings, Homes and Residences, Shopping Malls, Schools, Hotels, Hospitals, Zoos, Stadiums, and many more. 

Applicable businesses
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