What is list notification
What Is List Notification


List Notifications are based in part on facial recognition technology. Using this feature, a camera can be set to recognize stored faces from a preconfigured authorized list of persons. Upon detection, the video management software can instantly trigger a notification. Operators can be prompted to greet a welcome VIP or be notified of an unexpected incident and respond immediately.


This sort of system is accurate, easy to use, and solves real-world problems. It meets specific and unique requirements in multiple scenarios – for example, in health-care safety, preventing memory care patients in nursing homes from wandering away, or in business, rendering custom services to VIP guests in high-end hotels and fashion boutiques.

How target identification was managed in legacy systems


Conventional CCTV systems offered little value in automated alarm notifications when a VIP or person-of-interest appeared. Historically, without facial recognition technology, security personnel had only their eyes and a fuzzy, black-and-white live-feed to identify persons. 

How Target Identification Was Managed in Legacy Systems
How an AI-equipped, video-based list notification works today
What Is List Notification

A video-based list notification system equipped with Hikvision’s AI technology will recognize listed persons and notify staff of their presence.


Here is how it works:


1.Operators upload face images into the system, as when guests of a high-end hotel start a membership program, or residents of a nursing home register for care;

2.Lists of guests deemed VIPs by the hotel or nursing home residents who need extra care are created using uploaded images;

3.Specially-equipped cameras detect faces in the lobby of the hotel or at the exits of the nursing home, and send the information to a video recorder;

4.The recorder will compare these images with the libraries, and,

5.When a listed person is detected, an instant notification to authorized operators will be triggered.

As a result, in these two examples, the VIP guest will receive the service they signed up for, and the at-risk nursing home patient will not be able to wander away from care and into a dangerous situation. 

Why choose Hikvision’s video-based list notification solution

Hikvision’s solution has been expertly designed to provide such advantages as:


Smart Analysis – The system will automatically generate an alarm upon a match from a user-defined list. 

Quick Search – Searching video using a listed image is as easy as using any search engine on the World Wide Web.

High Accuracy – Hikvision cameras with List Notification technology, combined with world-class algorithms, result in excellent identification accuracy results.



Who it benefits


Businesses of various kinds will benefit from the capability to identify important guests instantly and enjoy more intelligent, more effective security overall.

Applicable businesses
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