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When it comes to long cable runs and cameras installed in out-of-reach places, nothing is more discouraging than losing the signal transmission. Cables only go so far; transmission only goes so far; power can only go so far. And when you need cameras to go deep into the field, you need a solution that goes with them. Push power and data further than ever before with Hikvision’s new series of Power-over-Ethernet (PoE) Switches.

The PoE switches offer ultra-long distance transmission, reliable power supplies with high-voltage surge protection, and VIP ports that prioritize important data.

The 3E Series PoE switches feature maximum 250-meter, ultra-long distance transmission. That means you can simplify your network and maximize your hardware investment with fewer switches to deploy, and at the same time extend your network coverage. In the event of network congestion, important data is transmitted with priority thanks to VIP-port-guarantee technology.

The 8-core power supply provides stable power and drastically reduces the power loss across long distance transmissions.

Featuring 6 KV surge protection, your devices are safeguarded against lightning strikes, power overload, in-rush current, and other voltage spikes. With Hikvision’s 3E Series PoE switches as the backbone, your network cameras can go as far as you need them to go – and perhaps even further than that!

Smart managed switches

Hikvision smart managed switches help realize central and visualized management of all Hikvision IP devices with perfect integration with Hikvision software. Besides device and system topology, the network condition, device health status and alarm notification can also be managed in a visualized way, realizing intelligent management and enhanced operation efficiency.


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Key features of smart managed switches
Visualized topology management

Recognizes all IP devices and generates a visualized topology in the management software, which supports searching devices and connection path.

Real-time alarm notification

Real-time alarm notification will be shown visually on the topology when there is network or device break-down, contributing to quicker maintenance.

Efficient network health monitoring

Constant and efficient network health status checking and alarm notifications will be sent in real-time when the bandwidth consumption exceeds a pre-set threshold.

Convenient video control and preview

Convenient operation of PTZ and other cameras via the topology, easily realizing preview and remote configuration.


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